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Racist and gender-based violence, white supremacy and xenophobia have afflicted our nation since its inception. We must name them, condemn them, and do everything in our power to eradicate them, wherever and in whatever form they occur. At the August Foundation we have intensified our commitment to dismantling systems that continue to perpetuate racial violence. We have always applied a racial equity lens to every aspect of our work, from staff development and project financing, to capacity building and program implementation. Our mission, and the collectively held values of our team, will stand for nothing less.

This is a painful time for all of us—especially for those who are members of AAPI communities. It’s also a reminder of just how critical it is that we pull together and redouble our dedication to the larger goal of making our communities, and the entire United States, more inclusive, equitable and safe for all.

The August Foundation Condemns Anti-Asian Violence and Racism

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To enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty, to expand educational opportunities and access to information technology, and to fund scientific research and help altruistic people with research by providing facilities and training.

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The August Foundation aims to be a beacon of charity to those who need it most.



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