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3R's Grant Program

"The goal is to help as many For-Profit businesses as possible navigate the short term uncertainty driven by COVID-19 in order to overcome the persistent structural barriers faced due to race and/or gender."


One Million Black Women

"One Million Black Women will comprise investments focused on key moments in Black women's lives from early childhood to retirement.  These investment areas include healthcare, education, housing, and small business, all aimed at narrowing opportunity gaps and positively impacting the lives of at least one million Black women."


Black American Startup Resource List

We aggregated 700+ accelerators, incubators, investors, and more for you in the link below.


Founder Grants beta

Fund your startup without giving up equity.


Republic - Raise Capital

Raise up to $1 million from 350,000+ people while increasing product sales, growing your brand, and engaging your community.


INTRO Grants

The government invests billions annually into funding companies in a non-dilutive way.



Annuity Freedom focuses on minority groups, women, and creatives and offers free marketing services and cash.  Here are three grants that are currently being offered:


Black or Minority Business Owners

Women Business Owners

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