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We are raising money to help save 3 families from homelessness.  100% of your donation will go to rent and to help replace clothes lost in the fire.


Two families were living in an apartment complex in Richton Park, IL. when their building caught fire.  They barely escaped and now, in addition to dealing with the trauma and loss, they are desperate to find a place to stay.


One family is a single mom with two children under 10.  The mom is a nurse who’s worked tirelessly to help keep the rest of us stay safe throughout COVID.  And now she needs us to help her.  Let’s put her and her children in a safe, secure home so she can focus on work and they can focus on school -- and on being kids.


The other family impacted by the fire is a single mom who is recently divorced and raising 3 teenagers.  In addition to that more-than-full-time job, she works for Chicago Transit Authority keeping the rest of us moving.  She’s drained her savings and needs a place she and her kids can call home.

We’re also raising to help a young couple who are about to lose their home in the south suburban Chicago Heights.  The dad lost his job due to illness but he was denied disability – so he went from earning most of the couple’s money to $0 – overnight.  The mom doesn’t make enough to keep up with rent payments.  Help us help them before they lose their home.


Please contribute now.  Any amount you can give helps us keep these families safe and in a home.

our vision.

To enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty, to expand educational opportunities and access to information technology, and to fund scientific research and help altruistic people with research by providing facilities and training.

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august foundation.

The August Foundation aims to be a beacon of charity to those who need it most.



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Learn how you can stay safe and also help those affected by Covid-19.



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